OSDC (Organisation and Social Development Consultants Limited)

OSDC works with organisations to create inclusive workplaces, develop a diverse customer base and to deliver accessible services.

We have been providing bespoke solutions to companies and organisations internationally since 1985. We do this by providing measurement instruments for audit purposes, contributing to strategy development and producing training materials.

In Europe and many other parts of the world there are structures and frameworks for promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. The continuous challenge is to bring this to life.

In the UK there has been equality legislation for over 40 years; there is protection from discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act; there is a duty on public bodies to be proactive in the promoting of equality; and most organisations have an equal opportunities policy and some have dedicated posts. Is it still an issue?

Unequal pay

Despite 41 years of equal pay legislation there is still (December 2010) a 12% gap between men’s and women’s full-time hourly rates, and a shocking 34% gap when you compare women’s part time hourly rate to men’s full time hourly rate. www.closethegap.org.uk
A rise in disability discrimination

The number of disability discrimination cases brought to Tribunal in 2009 – 2010 was 7,500.
The largest ever disability discrimination award of £729,347 was awarded to Matt Driscoll, of the News of the World, who was subject to bullying and was sacked in April 2007 while on long-term sick leave for stress-related depression. www.justice.gov.uk
Increasing child poverty

28% of white children were living in poverty compared to 63% of Pakistani and Bangladeshi children
Department of Work and Pensions 2008
Rising unemployment having disproportionate effect on women, young people and black and minority ethnic people

“We’re all in this together.” Some of us are deeper in it than others.
Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the jobless rate hit 8.3% (2.62 million)
Over 1.02 million of those were young people (aged 16-24)
Female unemployment was the highest for 23 years (1.09 million)
(September 2011)
Hate crimes against lesbian and gay people, transgender people, disabled people, women and black and minority ethnic people

One in five lesbian and gay people (from a survey of 1,721 people) had experienced a homophobic hate crime or incident in the last 3 years (Stonewall 2008)

Our clients have included the Irish Government, the Scottish Government, The Equality and Human Rights Commission, The British Red Cross, the Church of England, and Huddersfield Giants Rugby Club – to name but a few! See sample client list and recent work.

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