About us

Our values and approach

Our emphasis is on action. We want any training or consultancy that we are involved in, to make a difference.

In training, it is important to us that participants understand the ‘theory’ and, if appropriate, the legislation, but it is more important that they have an understanding of how to put the learning into practice. We always use scenarios and practical examples that are relevant to the sector and organisation that we are working with and we build in time for participants to discuss how they would implement the learning in their own working practices.

We work in a way which takes account of people’s own experience, and we recognise that these experiences differ in relation to age, class, disability, gender, national and ethnic origin, race, religion, sexuality, transgender status and many other factors.

In our training, we are committed to approaches which are participative, facilitative and educative and which enable people to build on their confidence to take appropriate action. We aim to build positively on the diversity that already exists in any training room and we are always conscious of the power relationships that exist in workplaces and the way that may inhibit contribution.

In our consultancy, we are committed to ensuring that voices that may not always be heard will be given space and status and that the power relationships within organisations are made explicit and taken into account.

Our take on diversity

To state that we are all different in many ways is stating the obvious – as is the notion that we should respect and value our differences. What is of importance is to understand some of the factors that lead, often unwittingly, to the exclusion or marginalisation of certain voices. Equality and diversity policies are present in the vast majority of UK based organisations, often accompanied by an equality strategy and action plan, yet there is still evidence of great inequality. If policies are applied and strategies developed without an understanding of the complexity of the dynamics of discrimination and the factors that lead to inequitable outcomes, they are unlikely to be successful.

Valuing diversity and promoting equality have to go hand in hand. We value the differences between us, we are conscious of the power relationships that exist within any group /community and we take account of the ideological basis of that power difference.

We believe that it is only when organisations take account of these issues that we can assume that organisational strategies and behaviours to address inequalities will be effective. The aim is to ensure that people’s experience of the organisation is that it operates in a fair and just way – not simply that it has the paper work in place.

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