Ashok Ohri

Ashok started working in community development and moved on to run a UK national organisation promoting training and education for community workers. In 1985 he became a self-employed trainer/consultant and a few years later he established OSDC which is now one the UK’s longest established consultancies focusing on cultural diversity, equality and community development and he has worked with hundreds of clients nationally and internationally.

His expertise is built on an understanding of power relationships in organisations and the implications of these for individuals, teams, departments and service delivery. Ashok developed a model that is widely used to help to understand the key elements of oppression and inequality and develop the strategies needed to reduce and eliminate its impact in organisations.

Currently Ashok is a Trustee of Ditshwanelo (South Africa) – a charity that he established to continue the anti-racist work he started there in mid 1990s. He is also a Trustee of Community Renewal – a Scottish group working with long term unemployed. Until recently Ashok was a member of the UK Home Office Advisory Board on Naturalisation and Integration.

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