Experience of producing guides / handbooks to support learning

  • Glasgow Caledonian University: a training package developed on Cultural Awareness and Internationalisation. Staff within the University now deliver the course to other staff
  • Ethnic Minorities Law Centre Pack: developed a pack to be delivered by the staff of the Ethnic Minorities Law Centre to all advice agencies in Scotland
  • Skills Development Scotland: an online toolkit for Mainstreaming Equality into the work of the Skills Development Scotland
  • Development of an on-line training package for senior medical consultants for NHS Scotland
  • Development of training packages to meet the requirements of the Knowledge and Skills Framework within the NHS
  • Developing and delivering an Equality Champions Pilot project in two NHS Boards and providing on-going support for champions. The contract was with the Scottish Government Health Department
  • Developing a toolkit and guidance for the on carrying out Equality Impact Assessments and carrying training for managers on the process for the Care Commission and Sport Scotland
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