Other recent work

  • Equality and Human Rights Commission: research into the extent to which equality issues were given consideration during the policy development process relating to a major Scottish Government Health Policy.Equality Human Rights
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission: work for Legal team on “Identifying key areas of reported persistent or systematic unlawful discrimination in Scotland”
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission: work for the Policy Team “Doing the Duty” – identifying good practice in the public sector in response to the public sector duties
  • Scottish Government: evaluations of both the Scottish Refugee Council and the Scottish Interfaith Council
  • British Red Cross: an evaluation of the equality initiatives and developments in the British Red Cross
  • Glasgow University: A series of 20 focus groups with staff to identify causes of and solutions to workplace stress
  • Improving Service Delivery to Minority Ethnic Groups: a report on the ways in which public bodies provide services to the Black and Ethnic Minority communities in Scotland on behalf of the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism (NCCRI) (Dublin). This was a comparative study and OSDC conducted and wrote the Scottish aspect of the study. Improving Government Service Delivery to Minority Ethnic Groups
  • Work for the Equality Authority (Ireland) to enhance service delivery to Black and Minority Ethnic (including Traveller) people in two selected local authority areas (Cavan and Kildare) and to produce a report of the work. “Investing in Equality / Improving Services.” The Equality Authority
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