A selection of OSDC’s publications and research:

  • Investing in Equality / Improving Services, ( 2010):  A report based on work carried out by OSDC on behalf of the Equality Authority (Ireland) to develop systems and practices to enhance service delivery to Black and Minority Ethnic  (including Traveller) people by Cavan and Kildare County Councils. The report highlight good practice examples in equalities work I rural areas.
  • The key areas of reported persistent or systematic unlawful discrimination in Scotland, (2009): an analysis, qualitative and quantitative,  of data from advice organisations across Scotland about discrimination in Scotland. Carried out on behalf of the Equality and Human Right’s Commission’s Legal Team in Scotland.
  • Improving Service Delivery to Minority Ethnic Groups, (2006): a report on the ways in which public bodies provide services to the Black and Ethnic Minority communities in Scotland on behalf of the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism (NCCRI) (Dublin) This was a comparative study and OSDC conducted and wrote the Scottish aspect of the study.
  • Case Studies for Change, (2006): for National Resource Centre for Ethnic Minority Health, NHS Scotland. Case Studies for Change was a set of case studies in good practice in delivering health care and improving services to the BME communities in Scotland.
  • Public Sector Duty (Gender), (2005): Work on behalf of the Equal Opportunities Commission Scotland, to map gender equality in the public sector in Scotland in preparation for the Gender Equality Duty. As part of the contract we also produced the national (UK) draft guidance on carrying out Gender Equality Impact Assessment.
  • Partnership Working: NHS and BME, ( 2004):  for National Resource Centre for Ethnic Minority Health, NHS Scotland. A briefing paper exploring ways of making explicit and dealing with, some of the power relationships inherent in partnerships.
  • The World in Our Neighbourhood: Black and Ethnic Minority Communities and Development Education, (1997): A national mapping of The contribution of the BME communities to international development. The report contained policy recommendations – many of which have been implemented by a range of agencies including the establishment of a Government fund to promote engagement.
  • Race Equality Manual: A Practical Guide for Decision Makers, (1995): The manual was a tool for managers in new local authorities created by a major local government restructuring  OSDC/ Strathclyde Regional Council
  • The Face of Diversity: a Report on the Black Voluntary Sector in West Yorkshire, (1991): the report, for Joseph Rowntree Foundation, identified the need and priority areas for funding to support the development of the BME voluntary sector in West Yorkshire.
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