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Sex, Race and Class -Extended Interview with Selma James on Her Six Decades of Activism

This video is quite long but worth watching: Extended interview with Selma James on her six decades of activism

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Online Equalities Training – can it really work?

OSDC is currently exploring the possibility of developing some of our training courses into online learning resources. There are a number of challenges to doing this in relation to equality and diversity training, especially, if like us, you want your participants to leave the training feeling like they have been challenged in a positive way, [...]

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Red Tape Challenge Response

OSDC has responded to the Government’s Red Tape Challange, which this month has focused on the Equality Act 2010. Who is protected Hard-fought-for human rights should not be seen as burdensome. The 9 protected characteristics should either be left as they are or expanded. We welcome the redefinition of gender reassignment and the move away [...]

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Equality Act Training in Manchester and Sheffield

Equality Act 2010: The Changes and Requirements Thursday 16th June in Manchester (Mechanics Institute, Princess St) Friday 17th June Sheffield (Centre in the Park, Norfolk Park) From 10am to 4.30pm This participative training seminar will look at: the requirements of the Act; and the implications of the changes for both employers and service providers. The [...]

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About The Equality Act 2010

Will it make a difference? Many of the provisions of the much trumpeted Equality Act 2010 came into force on October 1st 2010 after many years in the making. Some the changes that were expected are not coming into force (e.g. the socio-economic duty) and some changes that were expected to be dropped are coming [...]

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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Approved Instructor Having now delivered a further two courses, in partnership with Sheffield PCT, Megan has sent off her portfolio to her MHFA tutor had received confirmation that she is now an approved MHFA instructor. In order to keep up this accredited status Megan is required to deliver four MHFA courses in the next year. [...]

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