Mental Health First Aid

One in four of us will experience a mental health problem in any one year. Mental Health First Aid is a 12 hour course which:

• Raises awareness of issues around mental health;
• Trains people to identify signs and symptoms of mental health problems;
• Gives people confidence in being able to offer comfort and information to a person experiencing a mental health problem;
• Gives people knowledge of the different professional help as well self-help, coping strategies that are available and effective so that they can direct and sign post people.

The aim is to reduce the stigma and discrimination attached to mental health problems and provide the opportunity to intervene early in order to prevent them developing into more serious conditions and promote recovery.

OSDC is now in a position to offer this training as Megan has been trained and accredited as Mental Health First Aid Instructor.
Training is delivered in partnership with two Manchester based mental health Charities, Harp and The Roby.

The Course

MHFA is a 12 hour course consisting of 4 modules and can be delivered over 4 half days or 2 full days.

The immediate aims of MHFA training are to:

* – Preserve life where a person may be a danger to themselves or others;
* – Provide help to prevent the problem becoming more serious;
* – Promote recovery;
* – Provide comfort to the person experiencing the problem;
* – Reduce stigma and discrimination by promoting understanding.

The training covers a range of topics relating to mental health including common mental health problems, the 5 steps of mental health first aid, depression, suicide, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and, psychotic disorders.

The training employs a combination of presentation, group work, role play and videos in order to:

* – Provide clear information about mental health problems;
* – Provide clear guidance on how to detect signs and symptoms of mental distress;
* – Outline simple but effective ways of helping someone until appropriate professional treatment can be obtained or the crisis has passed.

The training does not attempt to teach people how to be therapists or mental health professionals.

How can MHFA help at work?

Mental health problems affect not only the person experiencing them, but also others around them. Knock on effects can include a fall in productivity, poor decision-making, an increase in mistakes made, increased sickness absence, high staff turnover and poor workplace relations. These effects can be prevented by the early recognition that a person’s mental health is declining and the appropriate responses, support and interventions.

Who should attend?

MHFA is for everyone. Participants come from all backgrounds from family members who want to gain more understanding of what a relative is going through to employers and those manage staff or work in HR. It’s also relevant to those delivering frontline services, police, ambulance, housing officers, youth & community workers, who come into contact with the general public and service users on daily basis and want to improve their confidence and skills in dealing with mental health issues.

Next Training Dates and Booking Details
Courses can be delivered in house to a maximum of 14 participants

If food and venue provided by the host organisation the cost will be £1250
If the venue and food are organised by the training team the cost increases to £1840
For more information about in house courses contact

Alternatively you can book onto one of our existing courses.
They are being held at Cornbrook Enterprise Centre, Hulme, Manchester.
Course one is on 11th & 20th May
Course two is on 5th & 12th July
The cost for a single particpant within the Voluntary & Community Sector is £140.
Statutory and Private Sector the cost is £200 per participant.
To book on an existing course contact

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