Audits, reviews and consultancy

We have experience of carrying out policy reviews, equality audits and organisational evaluations.

Policy reviews

We can work with you to ensure that your policies and procedures are up-to-date and we can advise on legal compliance and best practice.

Equality audits and organisational reviews

The aims of an equality audit or organisational review will obviously differ for every organisation would expect to cover, as a minimum, a review of policies and a reflection on staff experience of equality practice. For example:

  • Clarifying the current institutional position in terms of culture, policies and procedures, good and less successful practice in areas such as recruitment and selection, promotion and staff development, monitoring and statistics;
  • Identifying any current barriers to equality of opportunity;
  • Identifying key areas for change
  • Presenting practical and policy proposals to address the barriers

The methods could include desk research, individual interviews with key stakeholders, focus groups, surveys etc.

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