Preparing for the ban on Age Discrimination

The ban on age discrimination will have far reaching implications for the design and delivery of services particularly in the fields of health and social care. It is vital that staff feel confident that they are equipped with the information that they need to make the best possible decisions.

This 1-day course can be delivered in-house for your organisation or developed into a package for you to deliver yourselves. The course could be tailored to meet specific requirements of your sector but is designed to ensure that staff are aware of the requirements of the ban on age discrimination and their responsibilities for implementation could include:

  • Promoting age equality: the legal and policy context
  • Defining age discrimination 1: the experience of age discrimination
  • Defining age discrimination 2: the legal concepts
  • The legislation in practice: design and delivery of services public functions
  • Age discrimination as it applies to workforce issues
  • Public Sector Duty: general and specific duties in relation to age
  • Positive Action – what you can and can’t do in relation to age related services
  • Identifying what the organisation needs to do next
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